A man after God’s heart

One of the greatest Kings in Israel was probably none other than King David. I believed he was great not because he defeated the big giant Goliath in faith, won numerous battles with God’s presence and his dynasty reigned for many years but rather it was when God called him ‘a man after my heart.’ This could be the only King God ever made such statement in the Old Testament.

Why God would call David a man after his heart despite him committing murder and adultery? Furthermore, God told Solomon, in order to continue his royal Kingship and preserve his father David’s dynasty, he was to be like his dad who walked faithfully before God’s and his commands (2 Chronicles 7:17).

Instead, I think the appropriate question we should be asking ourselves is; do we know what is inside God’s heart? More accurately, is to ask what the attitudes He most desire are. One of my favorite Psalms is written by King David himself and Psalms 51:17 which I strongly affirmed that it enlightens us profoundly into the heart of God and what he desires and pleases him. {Psalms 51:17 (NLT) The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.}

We are familiarized with the story of how David has sinned against God in murder and adultery. This Psalms is likely David’s personal confession of his sins and heart to God, asking sincerely for forgiveness after Nathan the prophet had exposed his sins against Bathsheba and Uriah.
Before I shared on this enlightenment, it is essential to read Psalms 51:4. We know that here, David admitted before God that he alone was the one that he has greatly offended and grieved in regard of other parties. This is not to diminish the offences he sinned against others but to show us that David was so aware that anything he does wrong was first addressing to God who was his Sovereign creator and God was also the first he needed to receive pardon and reconciliation because every meaningful relationship and value begins with our creator. This could be the reason many relationships failed because we missed the real target by trying hard to fix relationship with others instead of first deepening our intimacy with God and then flowing out from within. David recognized deeply, he needed to begin with God. He needed to come clean with God finding grace and mercy once again so that he can be at peace and regain the joy of the Lord which is his strength. David knew a man living in sin has no peace and joy. Moreover, he understood well he could never afford to lose God’s presence the ultimatum which all his life and victories depended on and derived from.

In Psalms 51:17, David revealed what is inside God’s heart and what attitudes he desires of us. It is not our great sacrifices and giving (ministry, works, time, money) but rather a broken spirit and a contrite heart. Someone who has a broken spirit is one who recognizes he is in need of God, without he is lost and helpless. He must live his life in total dependency on God. Whereas, someone who has a contrite heart is one who consciously knows his action before God and any wrong doing violates God’s holiness and grieved his heart. He must come hastily with an authentic penitent attitude begging desperately for forgiveness and transformation until being granted of. Often, liken to King David, it is in our failures that we remember well who God is. I pray that we will have a fresh revelation upon God’s heart!

Ps David Lim Chin Ann